Automation solutions

We offer automation solutions – servicing, assembly, quality control, logistics, finishing and palletisation of machine tools.

We have more than 10 years of work experience in this field. Our clients are metal and wood machining, electronics, the food industry, and many other companies, but also educational institutions.

We offer you a complete solution, from design to production line manufacturing.


Universal Robots’ Collaborative Robots

We represent UR’s collaborative robots. Integrating these with other products is simple because many companies in the world offer accessories, software, cameras and other equipment for these robots.

UR’s collaborative robots are the best solution for the customer, affordable and easily integrated, and programmable.

MiR mobile industry robots

MiR500 is designed to automate the transportation of pallets and heavy loads across industries. With a payload of 500 kg, speed of 2 m/sec and a footprint of 1350×920 mm, MiR500 is the largest, most powerful, fastest and robust collaborative, autonomous mobile robot from MiR.

The MiR200™ and MiR100™ are a safe, cost-effective mobile robots that quickly automates your internal transportation and logistics. The robots optimizes workflows, freeing staff resources so you can increase productivity and reduce costs.


Robotiq grippers, force torque sencors and cameras

Manufacturers struggle to put robots to work in their factory because it’s still too costly and too complicated. Robotiq’s tools and know-how simplify collaborative robot applications, so factories can start production faster. Robotiq works with a global network of connected robot experts supporting their local manufacturers.