Cajo’s core technology contains superior laser marking systems, powerful control boards and comprehensive product marking software. Manufacturers who choose Cajo can ensure total control of the whole marking process.

Cajo laser marking systems are sold to and keep running in over 60 countries across the globe. Cajo offers high-quality product marking solutions to various industries, including metal, battery, cable, wire, medical, packaging, wood, consumer electronics, OEM and integrator. Companies that mark their products with Cajo lasers include Kone, Aker Solutions, Tata Steel, and Oura.

Cajo’s efficient systems are optimized for industrial production processes. The patented laser marking technology is designed to replace outdated and wasteful marking methods, such as inkjets. The flexible laser marking systems can be easily integrated into production lines or used as stand-alone marking units. Cajo laser is an ecological and low-maintenance marking solution that requires no additives. The laser marking systems ensure precise and permanent product markings, an eternal trace that lasts throughout the natural life cycle of the product. The laser markings of the company can meet and even exceed the strict quality standards of the European Union and ensure full traceability.

Cajo’s head office is in Kempele, Finland, where they design and assemble the best product marking systems on the planet, helping manufacturers make the world a brighter place one smart solution at a time.

Choose Cajo for intelligent product marking.

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