Manufacturing Automation – Simplified

One cloud platform to design, automate, order and deploy automated equipment. Manufacturing automation for every company. Vention is a browser-based automation platform that allows you to design your equipment in minutes. Drag and drop parts into your design, and see the price and assembly time in real-time.

Vention ( offers ready-made solutions that can be customized very quickly and easily according to your company’s production.

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Democratizing industrial automation

With today’s technologies, it’s difficult for high-mix manufacturers to automate profitably. Production volumes are simply not high-enough to recoup the investment. MAP allows all manufacturers to automate their factory by themselves, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional industrial automation technologies.

Effective project scoping starts here

Scope your project and track compliance for seamless deployment. Start your automation project with clear requirements and well-defined deliverables. Easily monitor hard and soft objectives, the project budget, and key milestones from design to deployment.

A smarter engineering toolbox

Design automated equipment in minutes with MachineBuilder – thousands of modular parts, smart 3D design tools and real-time pricing. MachineBuilder empowers users to design robot cells, automated equipment and many more custom solutions needed on the manufacturing floor.

Less code. More factory automation

Program, simulate, and deploy industrial automation sequences directly from your browser with MachineLogic. The no-code user interface enables powerful automation sequences with an expanding portfolio of components such as robot arms, conveyors, linear actuators, pneumatics, and more.

Collaboration from design to deployment

Manage the design lifecycle and increase collaboration on industrial equipment with MachinePortal.

Manage team access rights, share engineering files securely and benefit from digital procurement. Work efficiently, from anywhere, together.