Indeva Liftronic® Mobile – Assistant wherever you need

Liftronic Mobile is an INDEVA Lift Assist Device designed to be installed on a pallet truck so that it can be moved and used wherever it is needed. The manipulator can be used in different workplaces. In addition, the device has many different grips for handling different types of loads.

Gross load capacity is 60 kg (including gripper). Arm length is 2530 mm and vertical stroke is 1500 mm sliding on a column. Overall size: 920 x 890 x 2300 mm.

The design of the device allows fast and safe installation on the electric pallet truck. The arm can be easily secured before moving the truck and an acoustic alarm will alert you if it is not. In case of accidental rope damage a mechanical safety device prevents the arm from lowering. Moreover, in case of low battery power, the arm is moved to a rest or unload position and a low battery message is displayed. And in case of accidental switch-off, the arm is moved to a rest or unload position. These features assure that loaded device is secure for the operator and people around the device.


Main features and advantages:

✓ Easy to fix onto a pallet truck

✓ One lift assist device available for different work stations

✓ Allows for very smooth handling operations thanks to its 4 jointed arm

✓ Auto-weight sense and auto-balancing

✓ Safe and easy to move around

✓ Fast, responsive and precise

✓ Low carbon footprint

✓ Easy interchange of grippers for different applications

✓ Easy maintenance, having all components easily accessible behind a removable carter

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