Solomon AccuPick 3D – A superior 3D vision solution for robotics

Have you ever wondered how to automate and speed up manual tasks while increasing your return on investment?

Thanks to the advancements in technology, this can now be easily achieved through robots, but having machines to streamline your process is simply not enough. This is why Solomon has developed a powerful 3D vision solution that provides robots with a brain and eyes to help them carry out the most challenging bin picking tasks.

AccuPick’s variable 3D vision hardware compatibility, along with its comprehensive AI-based vision software algorithm and its multi-brand robot motion planning interface makes it the perfect all-in-one solution for your robotic 3D vision projects.

AccuPick 3D consists of three distinct but seamlessly integrated hardware and software components: a 3D scanner, an image analysis software and a bin collision avoidance module that simulates the optimal path your robot needs to follow to complete each task.

  • The 3D scanner includes multiple technologies that allow it to obtain 3D images of the items to be worked with. This powerful piece of equipment is compatible with a wide array of camera technologies such as structured light, Time-of-Flight (ToF), active stereo vision and laser.
  • The image analysis software is a deep learning tool which helps to recognize, segment, and locate the items to be worked with by instantly creating and analyzing 3D point clouds.
  • The bin collision avoidance technology provides an optional module that optimizes the robot path and prevents its collision against the bin. 

AccuPick 3D is an equally powerful tool to automate material handling in warehouses, e-commerce, distribution centers and logistics hubs. Unlike factory applications, the number of SKUs that need to be identified and handled is not only far more but is also constantly changing. This is the reason why learning in advance the individual SKUs one by one becomes an impractical and time-consuming process that does not deliver the desired results. AccuPick 3D is capable of locating and picking the items quickly and accurately without having any previous knowledge of the size, shape, or appearance of the objects it picks, making it the perfect solution to all of the issues mentioned above.

Main advantages and features:

  • Recognition of the widest range of objects and patterns
  • Faster cycle time
  • Optimized robot path to avoid collision against the bin
  • Wide selection of 3D scanners
  • Compatible with a wide array of robot brands
  • User-friendly interface and simple set up

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